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Bayside Master Plan

Providing the general public, community members, partners, and interested parties with timely updates, resources, and information regarding the Bayside Master Development Plan.


A Master Development Plan is an optional planning tool that can be used to outline large, multi-phase projects in the early stages. It builds a shared vision and timeline of complex development and provides additional opportunities for public engagement and community input.

Following months of review, the Bayside Master Development Plan has been approved by the City of Portland's Planning Board. Subsequent site plan applications outlining project specifics will now be reviewed, phase by phase, prior to start of development. Robust public engagement will result in enhanced project outcomes. 

The Bayside Master Development Plan (MDP) proposes the creation of 800+ new units of rental housing while also introducing mixed-use community spaces, significant new green space, increased pedestrian access, and connectivity throughout the Bayside neighborhood in Portland, Maine.

The plan includes five proposed phases of development to take place over the course of 10 years that include the construction of:

  • Seven new buildings

  • 200+ affordable housing units

  • 600+ market-rate units

  • 28,500 square feet of new commercial space

Along with this new construction, the plan also outlines the retention and renovation of existing commercial and institutional buildings, as well as the retrofitting of the Public Market parking garage with infill retail and amenity uses.


Developed in collaboration with a local team including Reveler Development and Port Property, Stantec’s Urban Places Studio, and Acorn Engineering, the proposed project aligns with the City’s planning goals and prioritizes a sustainable and equitable community within Bayside that reinforces and builds upon the existing vibrant and dynamic neighborhood.

Increasing Walkability + Accessibility
Connectivity + Heritage
Creating Workforce + Affordable + Market-Rate Housing
Boosting Economic Activity + Job Creation
Illustrative site plan of Bayside Development Plan (Courtesy of Stantec).


To support our continued community engagement with the Bayside neighborhood, our team is involved in a robust communications & outreach program. By taking a 10-year, phased approach with the Bayside Master Development Plan (MDP), we are extending a long-term commitment to the neighborhood, and our community engagement efforts will take a similar, partnership-based approach.

The items outlined below for digital engagement and in-person engagement are anchored in continuing to work closely with the neighborhood association, while extending our efforts out to engage a broader audience, including key social service agencies and other stakeholders, to ensure a diverse representation.
  • Project Website
    We will maintain this project website which will serve as the single source of truth for information about the Bayside Master Development Plan and the associated projects. This website will be frequently updated with news items and project details.
  • Contact & Feedback
    This website provides contact information along with a contact form that allows interested parties to quickly submit an inquiry or outreach request. An additional feedback form is also made available for community members to share thoughts and comments.
  • Email Updates
    Throughout our efforts, we’ll maintain an email distribution list of interested parties (with a sign-up form available on this website) and provide a regular cadence of updates to that list.
  • Neighborhood Association Meetings
    Our project team will maintain a consistent presence at meetings of the Bayside Neighborhood Association, building on our past and current efforts with that group to answer questions and understand the dynamics in the community as they evolve throughout.
  • Hosted Forms
    At key junctures in the project, we will host in-person forums (partnering with the neighborhood association and other stakeholders on our approach) to provide a deep-dive view and answer all questions.
  • Abutter Relationships
    We will continue to take a direct approach with abutters as activity begins on particular phases of planning, development or construction, reaching out proactively and early to discuss progress and to address any concerns or source feedback/ideas from this core group should any challenges arise.
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Phase 1A plan for Bayside Master Development
Phase 1A
In Progress - Application Approved
89 Elm Street

Phase 1A proposes a redevelopment of three existing parcels, currently used as a surface parking lot, into an 8-story building featuring affordable housing and three ground level retail spaces along Lancaster and Oxford Streets. The development will include 201 residential units, all of which will be affordable, satisfying the 25% inclusionary zoning requirement for the larger 800-unit Bayside Master Development Plan.

  • 5-8 stories (80')

  • 201 affordable housing units

  • 4,500 SF of commercial space

  • 40 parking spaces needed



Bayside MDP Completion

Phase 1A + 1B

Phase 3

Phase 5A

Phase 5C

Phase 2

Phase 4

Phase 5B


Bayside MDP Approved

The Reveler View 1 _ Post v2.png


View details on the latest events and meetings related to the Bayside Master Development Plan below. For the most up-to-date information and to view meeting agendas, please visit the City of Portland website.
Events hosted by our team will be marked with an asterisk*.
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View resources and relevant links phase-by-phase and explore community websites and resources below.
Master Development Plan

Project Summary Page - City of Portland

Master Development Plan

Project Attachments Page - City of Portland

Rendering of 89 Elm.png


Bayside Neighborhood Association Website

Formed to bring the Bayside community together, the BNA is one of Portland’s most engaged neighborhood associations. Learn more and view upcoming events through their website.

Bayside Community Garden Info

Established at 78 Chestnut Street in 2001, the Bayside Community Garden is Portland’s only community garden run by a neighborhood association. Learn more and get involved through their website.

Portland's Plan 2030 Website

In 2017, the Department of Planning and Urban Development released a new comprehensive plan for the City of Portland, serving as a policy guide for the city. Learn more and view the full plan through their website.

Bayside Trail / Portland Trails Website

Built in partnership with the City of Portland and Trust for Public Land, this trail connects neighborhoods of Bayside, offering convenient access to local businesses, scenic areas, and open green space.

Bayside Development Plan


Explore the latest updates from the Bayside Master Development Plan along with recent news articles below.
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